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Lessons From Animals--"Ownership"

"O Lord, God of our fathers…keep this desire in the hearts of Your people forever, and keep their hearts loyal to You."
1 Chronicles 29:18


In one of my earlier devotions, I joked, "Kasey may be my dog, but I've known for a while that Annie is Kasey's dog." Little did I know, at that time, that Annie would indeed become my dog.

What I mean is this: when I first found this orphan Annie at the lake, she came to my home only because she was playing with Kasey. Around the house and in the yard, it was only Kasey who had her attention and devotion. In attempts for us to bond, sometimes I would leave Kasey at home and take Annie with me to work; yet she merely moped until we came home--and then it was time to find Kasey! Annie adored Kasey, and I was merely some guy hanging around the house.

I sleep well knowing my Daddy is nearbyIn recent months, though, that has changed. Annie still loves and adores Kasey; but I, too, have become an object of her affection. My foot has become a toy capable of great play. My presence has become cause for a wagging tail. And, most special of all, I have become a friend with whom to snuggle at night; and sure enough, come morning, I'm on the receiving end of good-morning kisses. Annie is no longer Kasey's dog--Annie has become my dog.

Our relationship with God is very much like this. Perhaps you first went to church because you were brought by your parents. Perhaps you went because a friend invited you, or that cute "someone special." Yes, you were at church, but this was still someone else's church, someone else's faith--someone else's relationship with God. In time though, we develop a genuine relationship with God--God becomes our God; we are the ones in relationship with God!

Joshua spoke to this very matter. Addressing the Israelite people in Joshua 24:15, he said, "But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord." He says this in the context of a great speech in which he encourages the Israelites to "choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve"--in other words, from that day on, this was no longer the "God of our fathers." This would be their God.

I encourage you, on this day, to choose for yourself whom you will serve. But as for me, I will serve the Lord.


In Christ,


--Pastor Dan


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