Douglas Groothuis

Defending Christian Faith, October 12, 2004




part 1



I.          The Meaning of Life and Morality


A.        Meaning and suicide (Albert Camus)


B.         Ultimate questions of meaning, significance, value


C.        Aldous Huxley’s revealing confession (Os Guinness, The Journey, 214 – 15)



II.        The Meaning of Moral Statements


A.        Meta-ethics: the justification of moral statements within a worldview


B.         Noncognitive theories


1.         Emotivism:  Bo, Hurray theory


2.         Imperativalism:  Just do it


C.        Cognitive theories of meta-ethics


1.         Private subjectivism


2.         Cultural relativism


D.        Objectivist theories


1.         Ethical naturalism


2.         Ethical non-naturalism



III.       Four Defective Views of Meaning and Morality


A.        Four naturalist views


1.         Temporal purpose and optimistic humanism


·        Secular humanist version:  Paul Kurtz